'P' Is For Paradise, 'P' Is For Picon

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"Picon is one cold, rugged adventure waiting for you." —Sharon Edmonson

'P' Is For Paradise, 'P' Is For Picon is a The Caprican Lifestyle article written by Sharon Edmonson. It was printed in Martius 5, YR42.


I've never been much of a "paradise" kind of gal. I'm not a "beach person," I burn in the sun and the world could probably do without the sight of me in a bathing suit. I am, however, something of a Rugged Outdoorswoman. And if you're like me, there's no greater getaway than Picon - for your body, mind and soul. You've heard about the summer months on Picon, when everything magically becomes "beautiful" and tourism explodes. I'm not talking about the summer months. I'm talking about the off-tourism season - when Picon is one cold, rugged adventure waiting for you. It will put hair on your chest. Truly.

I stayed in Queenstown, the capital city, little more than a fishing village around Penrose Harbor. I saw them filming a movie starring Tammy Lawns, who's actually even more gorgeous in person, if you can believe that. The hotel I stayed at cost close to nothing, and I never locked my door. Every morning I would buy some trinket (a drum, a flute, a hat) at the arts and crafts market they have set up along the main street.

It's cold. So very cold, it's glorious. The kind of cold that truly makes you feel alive. It gets under your skin and doesn't ever really go away. That ice in your veins, it makes your heart race. It makes you aware of every inch of yourself.

I would go fishing along the coastline, and go hiking in the hills, letting the cold envelop me, embrace me. My nights were spent at the local taverns, becoming friends with the loveliest people I've ever met.

The cold never completely leaves you. You never become complacent, or take things for granted.

You are truly alive on Picon.

I took a lover during my stay, a handsome young pilot about 15 years my junior. The Picons' belief in the concept of balance certainly extends to their sexual practices as well. Suffice to say that every little touch and gesture was reciprocated. And reciprocated well.

I stayed a week. I wish it were longer.

So, if you're like me, and fun in the sun and surf just doesn't do anything for you, if you truly feel your best when it seems that nature is almost picking a fight with you, then get yourself to Picon. You may never return.




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