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To-do list for articles about the Twelve Colonies.

General Considerations

  • Currently articles are titled in the form "X of/in the Twelve Colonies".
  • Should individual articles be of the general form "Colonial Religion", "Colonial Government", "Colonial History" (ie, the Colonials as a people, including the Twelve Colonies AND the Fleet) or should Fleet issues be given their own series?


{{RDM twelve colonies series}} exists to link main articles relating to this topic into a series. The following articles are in good shape:

Commentary or criticism apart from their place in this series should go to their respective talk pages. If new articles need to be created, request them here. Topics we might explore in the future as more information becomes available include: Technology, Sexuality, Arts...

The Twelve Colonies

Given that there is not enough information on the Twelve Colonies as a group and the colonies as individuals to justify thirteen separate articles, The Twelve Colonies currently includes all available data. As more information becomes available about individual colonies, it may become necessary to give them articles of their own. When this happens, the following markup should be inserted between the heading in question and its content:

''Main article: [[Caprica]]''

The articles Caprica, Picon, Scorpion, Tauron and Virgon, which share names with their TOS incarnations, link to disambiguation pages. The articles Aerelon, Aquaria, Canceron, Gemenon, Leonis, and Sagittaron all redirect to the appropriate headings of the main article. Unfortunately, under the current version of WikiMedia, redirects cannot take a visitor to article headings. To link directly to the section of the main article that corresponds to the colony you want, use a construction such as:

[[The Twelve Colonies (RDM)#Sagittaron|Sagittaron]].

Because of the existence of redirects, this is not critical, but it will make for a more pleasant experience on the part of our readers.


Currently links to Government. Move to Government of the Twelve Colonies and expand.

  • As per general considerations: Should Fleet issues be separated from the former government of the Twelve Colonies?

Arts and Literature of the Twelve Colonies

This is a new article under development, which should eventually become part of the series. Please leave feedback at Talk:Arts and Literature of the Twelve Colonies.