Capricans to Govt: Stop Being Soft on Terrorism

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Soft on STO?

Capricans to Govt: Stop Being Soft on Terrorism is a The Caprican Politics article written by Sharon Edmonson. It was printed in Februarius 23, YR42.


n case you haven't heard, the residents of Caprica City are mad. Really mad. Citizens have been fuming for weeks that the government has not taken more severe measures to bring the MAGLEV bomber (or bombers) to justice. Many Capricans think Amanda Graystone's proclamation of her daughter's involvement in the MAGLEV attacks is reason enough to bring a wrongful death suit against the Graystones. However, frustrated citizens have been told repeatedly by government officials that, without GDD evidence, there is little that can be done to bring justice to the families of the victims and peace of mind to scared Capricans. We've also received word that, even with the implication of Zoe Graystone, approval for a search of the Graystone home has been repeatedly tied up in administrative red tape.

MATT and other concerned citizen groups have been meeting to plan protest actions for the coming weeks.

When asked to comment on the upcoming protests, a MATT spokesperson told us, "The government is being soft on terrorism and we're not going to take it anymore."

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