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Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol 3 #3
Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol 3 #3
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 3
Writer(s) Cullen Bunn
Illustrator(s) {{{illustrator}}}
Penciller(s) Alex Sanchez
Inker(s) {{{inker}}}
Colorist(s) Daniela Miwa
Letterer(s) Sal Cipriano
Editor(s) Matt Idelson
Collection Design {{{designer}}}
Cover Artist(s) Alex Sanchez (Covers A & D)
Michael Adams (Covers B & C)
Adaptation of
Published October 5, 2016
Collected in Battlestar Galactica: Folly of the Gods
Reprinted as
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ISBN 725130250643
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The Galactica has embarked on what might be its strangest adventure. Bizarre alien cultures. Old enemies--thought long lost--rising once more from the shadows. New, terrifying threats nipping at their heels. But perhaps the most surprising encounter is yet to come--as the Cylons approach the Colonial Fleet once more with an offer of peace.[1]



  • While Lucifer is brought before Quorum of Twelve aboard Galactica, Jolly instructs his fellow Viper pilots to be extra observant of the Raiders and note any design flaws, flight patterns, and any other bit of noteworthy information.
  • Lucifer thanks the Quorum, as well as Colonel Tigh, for allowing them to consider the Cylons' request for sanctuary. Tigh offers his thoughts on the "outcome of our last treaty" before being reprimanded by a Quorum member.
  • Lucifer explains that he seeks sanctuary from other Cylons they encountered upon egressing from the black hole, speculating that those Cylons had earlier entered the singularity and were somehow subsequently changed after being cut-off from the Cylon Empire.
  • Before leaving, Lucifer asks after Adama. Tigh replies that Adama is otherwise engaged, loathe to reveal the true nature of Adama's disposition to their enemy.

Adama's Mind

  • Iblis reveals himself to Adama, as well as his plan to release Adama from the nightmare when he is ready. Iblis espouses his hatred for the Seraphs who shunned him and those like him initially, and reveals that he is the creator of the pocket universe and its one-way "black hole" that ensnared The Fleet.
  • Upon Iblis' revelation of his plan to destroy the Seraphs to Adama, Adama uses his mental powers to reach out to Apollo.

Iblis' Planet

  • On Iblis' planet, Apollo receives his father's thoughts. Upon discussing this attempt with his fellow Colonial Warriors, Baltar reveals his knowledge about Adama's training in telepathic communication at the Colonial Military Institute.
  • Starbuck reflects on the skeletons that remind him of Iblis' ship from the red planet. After much discussion between the Warriors and Baltar, they come to the conclusion that Iblis is behind their predicament.
  • Starbuck and Boomer use themselves as bait to lure two Meclon Raiders to land; Sheba and Apollo ambush the Meclons, and are able to dispatch the Meclon Centurions. Sheba uses her laser pistol to destroy a third Raider while it was on an attack run.
  • Upon surveying the Meclon remains, Sheba succumbs to the horror of knowing the Meclons were formerly living creatures.
  • The Warriors and, per Apollo's request, a reluctant Baltar fearing for his congregation, leave in the two Raiders. Apollo promises Baltar to have shuttles dispatched from the Fleet to recover them; they should be safe as long as they remain hidden.
  • Upon leaving the accursed planet, two Meclon Raiders come within range of the escaping humans; Starbuck dispatches both, not wanting to take the chance of sneaking by them.
  • While en route, Baltar reveals what he knows of the Meclons and of his belief that they are massing for a larger conflict.

The Fleet

  • The pirated Meclon Raiders approach the Fleet, discovering that the Cylons and humans appear to be working together.
  • Starbuck uses a subspace communicator to reach Galactica: "Don't shoot us. If you let us dock, cigars and drinks will be on me."
  • Colonel Tigh meets the Warriors in the bay, confirming that much has happened in the short time they were gone. Tigh reveals his surprise at Baltar's presence, and escorts the new arrivals to the council chambers where Baltar reunites with Lucifer, and Tigh informs them the reasons for the Cylons presence.


  • Breaking from previous issues, neither this issue nor its succeeding ones feature the Battlestar Galactica logo and alternate title placement on the first story page, e.g. "In the Beginning" or "Snake in the Garden."
  • Athena is not present in this comic series, reflecting her "disappearance" after "Greetings From Earth."



  • The first page of the issue features Cylons and humans fighting Meclons, but the attack doesn't begun until the last page of the issue.
  • The comic eschews the terms yahren and fumarello, opting for "years" and "cigars."
  • The spelling of the word frack is written like its Re-imagined Series counterpart.


  • The Meclons dialogue is reminiscent of the Borg of Star Trek. In lieu of "Resistance is futile," the Meclons declare "Surrender with incident and your integration into the Meclon Empire will be painless."



  • Where is Athena? Why doesn't Adama reach out to her instead of Apollo?
  • Has Lucifer been acting independently of the remaining Cylon Empire? Will his bid for sanctuary be respected by the Imperious Leader in the long term?
  • What of Baltar after all is said and done?
  • If Iblis can create universes and singularities, what of the Seraphs abilities?
  • Don't the Colonials have a Cylon Raider that had been used as a Trojan Horse from the Battle at Galaxy's Edge? If so, why would Jolly be so keen on observing their movements and other technical specifications, given that they have already investigated their captured Raider?

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Lucifer reveals its trepidation in having requested sanctuary amongst The Fleet:
    Lucifer: Considering the outcome of our last attempted peace treaty... I worried that our request for sanctuary would be ignored.
    Tigh: The outcome of our last treaty? Do you mean the armistice? When the Cylons betrayed us and almost annihilated our race?
    Lucifer: Yes. That was unfortunate.
  • Iblis reveals his plan to Adama:
    Iblis: You insulted me Adama! Your people insulted me! I promised you peace and prosperity, and you spat in my face!
    Adama: You spoke only in half-truths. You sought to conquer us... to enslave us.
    Iblis: Yes. And now here you are, caught in my web nonetheless. And your precious fleet will still be used for my purposes. Do you think the Seraphs in their Ships of Light gave you the truth? They only brought more mysteries. They whispered of other worlds.. of promised lands... and yet you still ended up here, in a realm of my own creation.
    Adama: You can create black holes? You can craft entire universes? Why waste such power in this way?
    Iblis: I will use my power to punish the Seraphs! They were the first to insult me... to exile me and my kind. I'll make them pay... and the Galactica will be the key to my revenge!
  • Apollo tells Baltar that he'll be going back to the Fleet with the other Warriors:
    Baltar: But what about the others... the congregation? How can I just leave them here?
    Boomer: Did I hear that correctly? Is Baltar more worried about someone other than himself? This really is some upside down kind of universe.

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