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Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol 3 #4
Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol 3 #4
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 4
Writer(s) Cullen Bunn
Illustrator(s) {{{illustrator}}}
Penciller(s) Alex Sanchez
Inker(s) {{{inker}}}
Colorist(s) Daniela Miwa
Letterer(s) Sal Cipriano
Editor(s) Matt Idelson
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Cover Artist(s) Alex Sanchez (Covers A & C)
Michael Adams (Cover B)
Adaptation of
Published November 11, 2016
Collected in Battlestar Galactica: Folly of the Gods
Reprinted as
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ISBN 725130250643
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There is peace between the Colonial Fleet and the Cylons, but calling it tenuous doesn't even begin to describe it. Mortal enemies must fight side by side against a grave threat just to stay alive. Can this treaty be trusted and for how long? The Battlestar Galactica continues its journey through uncharted space... And its strangest adventure yet![1]


The Fleet

  • Jolly and his fellow Warriors are in a fierce battle with the Meclons, and are having issues coordinating their strategies with their Cylon allies.
  • Jolly's pursuing Meclon attacker is dispatched by a Cylon, and recollects that he would never have thought a day would occur where he'd be thanking a Cylon.
  • Aboard Galactica, Tigh discovers that differentiating between the Cylons and the Meclons is difficult; Lucifer suggests the term "Meclon" from Cylon cautionary myths, much to Tigh's astonishment.
  • Baltar offers his assistance in uploading programming to Viper navigational systems to the Warriors, which will allow them to better interact with their Cylon comrades. Baltar also offers to help uncover any Meclon programming from their recently acquired Meclon Raiders. Tigh begrudgingly agrees, and orders crew to escort Baltar to the hangar—with additional orders to shoot Baltar should he go awry.
  • Starbuck, Sheba, and Boomer launch in their own Vipers to join the battle. Jolly voices his relief at their involvement with the battle. Boomer voices his thought about the Cylon losses on their side, believing it to be one less enemy to fight in the future; Sheba replies that it's the other way around, it's one less ship defending their Fleet.
  • In Galactica's life center, Apollo visits Adama and, under the supervision of Dr. Salik and Cassiopeia, reaches out to his father with his own mental powers.

Adama's Mind

  • Apollo finds himself in Galactica's life center, surrounded by beds filled with naked human bodies.
  • Exiting the center, he finds himself in a Meclon factory, where Adama and Iblis await him. Apollo pulls out his laser pistol, and despite Iblis protestations on its ineffectiveness, Apollo fires. Iblis laughs, and retaliates against Apollo, but too finds that bit of retaliation ineffective.
  • Apollo espouses that, because Iblis had killed him previously and is thus no longer afraid of Iblis' power, he was immune to the attack. Iblis disappears upon Apollo's approach to him, and Apollo absconds from the dream state with his insistent father, going out through the medbay from which Apollo came.

The Fleet

  • Adama awakens in the real world, surrounded by Salik, Cassiopeia and Apollo. Despite Salik's cautionary advise to "take it easy," Apollo's advisement of their current situation with the Meclons inspires Adama to reach the bridge, further driven by his awareness of Iblis' plot.
  • The battle outside becomes untenable, as Sheba is boxed in by Meclons while Boomer vainly attempts to assist, his Viper damaged and losing power.
  • As he is about to be destroyed, the Ship of Lights appears.
  • Adama enters core command where Tigh provides Adama a situation report.
  • The Meclons disengage from the Cylons and Colonials, and direct their attack towards the Ship of Lights.
  • Adama explains Iblis plan to Lucifer, Baltar, and those present. When prompted on their next course of action, Adama declares: "I destroy the Seraphs once and for all!"


  • Breaking from previous issues, neither this issue nor its succeeding ones feature the Battlestar Galactica logo and alternate title placement on the first story page, e.g. "In the Beginning" or "Snake in the Garden."
  • There are starker visual differences in colorization from the previous three issues, due to the change in colorist. Amongst these differences are the removal of the gray side burns from Baltar, and the vibrancy of the general color palette, betraying a computerized colorization approach.





  • As the comic series accelerates towards its climax, there's a fair amount of repetition with the information regarding Iblis' plan and the Fleet being the bait for the trap from different sources. Little in the way of character development occurs here, as much of the action is moving the plot forward in a by-the-numbers sort of way.
  • The explanation regarding the Meclons, the name to which should have already been told to Tigh from Apollo's contingent, is shoe-horned in by exposition from Lucifer. While this does help explain their origin, and ties into Iblis' former dominion over the Cylons, it does little to accelerate the depth of the story.
  • Thematically speaking, the absence of Athena is a gaping story plot point, particularly given what has transpired to Adama to date.
  • Lucifer and Baltar resumed their relationship from where it had left off in "War of the Gods" as if nothing had transpired since then. It is unknown how Baltar can explain his escape from the Colonials, particularly when it was done in return for destroying a Cylon basestar.


  • How could have the denizens of the Fleet warned the Seraphs of Iblis trap?
  • What happened to the "others like Iblis"? Do they still exist?

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Starbuck demonstrates his trademark bravado upon joining the battle:
    Starbuck: Help is leaving the hangar right now!
    Sheba: You might be overselling us a bit, Starbuck. There are only three of us, and there's an entire fleet of those Meclon ships.
    Starbuck: When I joined the Colonial Warriors, I was told one man could make a difference!
  • Boomer shares his ambivalence over each Raider's destruction as it relates to their new Cylon allies:
    Boomer: I know we're friendly with these Cylons today, but are we supposed to feel bad when one gets destroyed? I can't help but think it is one less that we might have to fight in the future.
    Sheba: Think about it like this, Boomer. That Cylon Raider that just blew up is one less ship defending our fleet!

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