Credits for Miniseries

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The Miniseries end credits

The list of end credits for the Re-imagined Series Miniseries.



Character Actor
Commander Adama Edward James Olmos
Laura Roslin Mary McDonnell
Lt. Kara Thrace/Starbuck Katee Sackhoff
Capt. Lee Adama/Apollo Jamie Bamber
Gaius Baltar James Callis
Number Six Tricia Helfer
Leoben Conoy Callum Keith Rennie
Lt. Sharon Valerii/Boomer Grace Park
Col. Tigh Michael Hogan
Doral Matthew Bennett
Billy Paul Campbell
Crew Chief Tyrol Aaron Douglas
Transport Pilot Barclay Hope
Elosha Lorena Gale
Dualla Kandyse McClure
Boxey Connor Widdows
CAG John Mann
Gaeta Alessandro Juliani
Cally Nicki Clyne
Prosna Michael Eklund
Helo Tahmoh Penikett
Cami Haili Page
Socinus Alonso Oyarzun
Capt. Kelly Ty Olsson
Launch Officer Ron Blecker
Armistice Officer Ryan Robbins
Doctor Tim Henry
Liner Captain Dwesi Ameyaw (sic)
Old Woman Brenda McDonald
Reporter Suleka Mathew
Woman #1 Erin Karpluk
Woman #2 Jenn Griffin
Woman #3 BJ Harrison
Blonde Woman Moneca Delain
Man #1 Zahf Paroo
Man #2 Robert Lewis
Man #3 Denzal Sinclaire
Chantara Nadine Wright
Chantara's Husband Michael Soltis
Jr. Reporter Fred Keating
Giana Lymari Nadal
Pilot #1 Biski Gugushe
Pilot #2 Nahanni Arntzen
Pilot #3 Nogel Vonas (sic)
Pilot #4 Ryan Nelson


Character Actor
Desperate man Mike Mitchell


Credit Crew
Line Producer Ron French
Canadian Casting by Coreen Mayrs, C.S.A.
Heike Brandstatter
Production Manager Ron French
First Assistant Director Peter Dashkewytch
Second Assistant Director Brad Jubenvill
"A" Camera Operator Ryan McMaster
"B" Camera Operator/Steadicam Lou Gruzelier
"A" Camera First Assistant Cory Budney
"B" Camera First Assistant Richard Eagan
"B" Camera Second Assistant Mark Weinhaupl
Camera Trainee Frank Gelbrich
Supervising Art Director Doug McLean
Art Directors Ken Rabehl
Ivana Vasak
Asst. Art Director Margot Ready
Set Decorator Shirley Inget
Asst. Decorator Terry Ewasiuk
Set Decorator Buyers Roger Dole
Fresca Dappen
Lead Dresser Barry W. Brolly
On Set Dresser Mark Wood
Dressers Michael Bethune
Ian Langmann
Construction Coordinator Chris Claridge
Construction Foreman Andrew "Rowly" Rowland
Property Master Dan Sissons
Assistant Props Tony Germinario
Max Matsuoka
Props Maker Derek Pineo
Sound Mixer Ruth Huddleston
Boom Operator Wayne Williams
Gaffer Don Saari
Best Boy Electric Jeff Trebenski
Rigging Gaffer Mike Dube
Key Grip Harvey Fedor
Best Boy Grip Anthony Creery
Dolly Grip Michael Iwan
Rigging Key Grip David Neveaux
Stunt Coordinator Mike Mitchell
Special Effects Coordinator Stewart Bradley
Special Effects Co-Coordinator Terry Sonderhoff
Assistant Costume Designer Cory Burchell
Costume Supervisor Debbie Douglas
Make-Up Artist Bev Keigher
Mary McDonnell's Make-Up Michelle Hrescak
Hair Stylist Gerald Gibbons
Los Angeles Casting Associate Corbin Bronson
Canadian Casting Coordinator Errin Clutton
Canadian Casting Assistant Liz Van Assum
Extras Casting James Forsyth
Production Coordinator Cara Rogers
Asst. Production Coordinators Jennifer Tanami
Nicole Oguchi
Assistant to the Producers Weatie Rosenlehner
Assistant to the Director Craig Anderl
Script Supervisor Corey Jones
Third Assistant Director Sarah Irvine
Production Accountant Laurie Boyle
Assistant Accountant Carol Bailey
Payroll Accountant Shawn McKay
Unit Manager Craig Forrest
Location Manager Kent Sponagle
Asst. Location Manager John Alexander
Transportation Coordinator Bill Janssen
Transportation Captains Ranj Jawant
James Michalchuk
Catering Tivoli Moving Picture Caterers
Medic/Craft Services Ron Grey
Second Editor Sondra Watanabe
Additional Music by Bear McCreary
Orchestral Engineer Robert Fernandez
Score Mixer Steve Kaplan
Vocalists Mamak Khadem
Deborah Dietrich
Music Editor Jordan Corngold
Visual Effects by ZOIC
Visual Effects Producer Kristen Leigh Branan
Digital Supervisor Emile Edwin Smith
CG Supervisor Lee Stringer
Compositing Supervisor Patti Gannon
Pre-Visualization Paul Maples
Visual Effects Coordinator Cordell Wynne
Assistant Editors Mark Levine
Jason Dale
Sound Editorial Services by AnEFX
Supervising Sound Editor Jack Levy
Sound Designer Daniel Colman
ADR Supervisor Frank John Nolan
Dialogue Editor Vince Balunas
ADR Editor Chris Boyett
Sound Editor Jeff Brunello
Sound Re-Recording Provided by Todd Sound
Re-Recording Mixers Kevin Burns
Todd Orr
Post Producing Accounting R.C. Baral & Co., Inc.
Post Production Facility Modern Videofilm, Inc.
Color Timer Joe Finley

Filmed with Panavision Cameras & Lenses.

The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are ficticious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Country of first publication: United States of America. USA Cable Entertainment LLC is the author of this motion picture for purposes of the Berne Convention and all natural laws giving effect thereto.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

ⓒ2003 USA Cable Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.


  • The music accompanying the credits is the Miniseries main title or "Are You Alive?" from the soundtrack.


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