Hector Alonzo

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For the robot on Paradeen with the same first name, see: Hector.

Hector Alonzo
Hector Alonzo


Hector Alonzo
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Colony Earth
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Introduced Space Croppers
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Children Chris Alonzo, son; Gloria Alonzo, daughter
Marital Status Married to Louise Alonzo
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Portrayed by Ned Romero
Hector Alonzo is a Cylon
Hector Alonzo is a Final Five Cylon
Hector Alonzo is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Hector Alonzo is an Original Series Cylon
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Hector Alonzo in the separate continuity
Hector Alonzo in the primary continuity
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Hector Alonzo is a Hispanic land owner and farmer on Earth.

Alonzo is married to Louise, with whom he has two children, Gloria and Chris. Before Alonzo started his own farm, he used to work for John Steadman, who has a negative view of Hispanics.

Troy and Dillon assist in helping Alonzo's farm become bountiful, despite Steadman's interest in destroying Alonzo's farm. The need arises when Cylons destroy two of the Galactican Fleet's Agro Ships (1980: "Space Croppers").