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Introduced Take the Celestra
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Portrayed by Richard Styles
Hermes is a Cylon
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Hermes is the helmsman for the electronics vessel Celestra who is in league with Charka. He goes as so far as to aid the executive officer's attempt to attain command; mutiny by any other name. Charka orders him to shut down all forms of electronic tracking, thus preventing Commander Kronus from finding the Celestra once beyond the "point of no return". Unfortunately for him, Apollo, Starbuck, Kronus and the octet of mutineers manage to overpower Charka's supporters, including Hermes (TOS: "Take the Celestra").


  • The name "Hermes" is derived from Greek mythology. Hermes was the messenger of the gods, usually depicted with winged sandals, a hat, and a caduceus. Usually identified with the God of Mercury. No relation to Celestra's Hermes in any way, shape or form.