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Introduced Black Market
Parents Shevon
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Role Civilian
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Portrayed by Hayley Guiel
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Paya is the young daughter of Shevon. Lee Adama brings the little girl toys and treats Paya as if she were his daughter—a point that Shevon notices and, later, can no longer tolerate.

She succumbs to illness, forcing her mother to do business with the black market in order to obtain the medicines Paya needs.

She is later abducted by Phelan and his henchmen, after Shevon lures Adama to her quarters on Cloud 9. Paya is placed in a cell with other children on the freighter Prometheus, slated for the life of a child prostitute, to satisfy those having unseemly appetites.

She and those children imprisoned by Phelan are released upon Adama's execution of Phelan (Black Market).

It is unknown whether or not she and her mother die in the destruction of Cloud 9 (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II).