Refueling tanker

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A refueling tanker, or "tanker bird", is a vessel that allows Vipers and Raptors to refuel away from a battlestar or base by means of inflight fuel transfers.


  • It is not known what type or vessel is used as a "tanker bird". The vessel is mentioned by Admiral Adama in "Occupation", but is not seen on screen.
  • Tankers are also mentioned as an option to fuel Vipers searching for the missing Lieutenant Kara Thrace (TRS: "You Can't Go Home Again").
  • It is possible that the tankers are a Raptor or shuttle modified with a buddy refueling system.
  • A refinery ship, either the Daru Mozu or the Hitei Kan, referred to as "tanker", is attempting to refuel the Striker in "Home, Part I".