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Documentations / 使用の手引き

This template is for citing television or radio programs and episodes.

Usage / 使用方法

{{cite episode (jp)
 | title =
 | episodelink = 
 | series = 
 | serieslink = 
 | credits = 
 | network = 
 | station = 
 | city = 
 | airdate = 
 | season =
 | number = 
 | timestamp = 
 | format =

Required Parameters / 必ず入力するパラメータ

  • title: The title of the program or episode being cited.

Optional Parameters / オプション・パラメータ

  • episodelink: The title of a Battlestar Wiki article about this episode. Don't link this yourself, it will be linked by the template. Remember that you can use section names here if the only relevant material in Battlestar Wiki is a section of a larger article such as an episode list.
  • series: The name of the series the episode belongs to.
    • serieslink: The title of a Battlestar Wiki article about the series. As with episodelink, don't link this yourself.
  • credits: Writers, directors, performers, producers, etc.
  • network: The network the episode was aired on. (ex. ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Disney, USA Network)
    • station: Call letters of the local station (if any).
    • city: City of the local station (if any) or network.
  • airdate: Full date the program or episode aired, in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format, eg. 2004-06-27. Must not be wikilinked.
    番組またはエピソードの放送日を入力。フォーマットはISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DDとする。ウィキしてはならない。
  • timestamp: Time format in HH:MM:SS. Must not be wikilinked.
    • format: What medium are you referencing to. (ex. TV, DVD, iTunes) TV is default.

Example / 入出力例

オープニングで、サイロンが「特攻野郎Aチーム」のセット内を歩いている<ref>{{cite episode (jp)| title = The A-Team (特攻野郎Aチーム) | network = [[Wikipedia:NBC|NBC]] | timestamp = 00:12:35}}</ref>。


[[Pegasus (RDM)/jp:ペガサス|ペガサス]]が到着した<ref>{{cite episode/bsg|2|10}}</ref>。エピソードの冒頭で入口を見ることができる<ref>{{cite episode/bsg|2|10|timestamp=00:03:34}}</ref>。


<div style="font-size:90%"><references/></div>

  1. The A-Team (特攻野郎Aチーム). NBC . Seen at: 00:12:35. Format: TV Icon.pngTV
  2. "{{{title}}}". RDM. Official SciFi.com Site .
  3. "{{{title}}}". RDM. Official SciFi.com Site . Seen at: 00:03:34. Format: TV Icon.pngTV

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