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Age 28
Colony Germany
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Birth Name Melanie
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Callsign Mel
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Death hopefully not that soon
Parents yeps, one mum and one dad
Siblings 1 brother - oh bother...
Children nope
Marital Status Single
Family Tree View
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CC-Mel is a Cylon
CC-Mel is a Final Five Cylon
CC-Mel is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
CC-Mel is an Original Series Cylon
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CC-Mel in the separate continuity
CC-Mel in the primary continuity


Was born, grew up, went to school (all of that in Germany) and since the first airing of BSG in free-TV I'm addicted to the re-imagined Battlestar. Although I'm still a very big lover of the old show - flaws in it and all. Well, googling around I found this Wiki and I decided to try this wiki-thingy out and add some articles... after I tested out all the functions. Geez, that's mork work than it looks at first sight. ;-)

Well that's for now. Greetings, Mel