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Name Frankie Gouge
Date of birth
Age 50
Location Tennessee
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Email gougef at appstate dot edu
Gmail/GTalk gougef
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Callsign Guru (retired)
Children 1 (adopted grandchild)
Marital Status Married
Occupation Health Services IT
Rank Civilian Contractor
SOK-Pip.png Star of Kobol
Gougef is a Chief
Gougef is a Senior Chief
Gougef supported the 2007 WGA strike.


My strange username gougef is the username that I have use for everything since I was given it at my current job over eight years ago. It is derived from my first name "Frankie" and last name "Gouge", rhymes with Baton Rouge.

If I wasn't so ugly, I would post a photo.

"The shape I'm in, you could donate my body to science fiction."
-- Rodney Dangerfield , Back to School


I read Dune in the early seventies during my early teens. I have read and reread Dune and the other books in the series countless times. Some other memorable sci-fi books for me are:


More later.....

Currently working on

Maintaining my sanity. Seriously.

Return of Gougef

Fitting since I added the quote for this day last year at the same time :-).


My last edit summary from 8/2007 on my page:

''(→Return of Gougef: I have been to Earth. Take my advice. Turn around and go back.)''

Accidentally prescient.


Just driving by. Thought I would stop in for awhile.

Another Drive by

Just checking on the old place.

Yep, still around

Just waiting on Blood and Chrome. Never really got into Caprica.

Still Kicking

I miss that good old days of this place.


Been a lonely long time :).