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Name Drew Frambach
Date of birth
Age 36
Location Austin, Texas
Country USA USA
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Gmail/GTalk ajframbach
AIM superdrew515
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SOK-Pip.png Star of Kobol
OrionFour is a Chief
OrionFour is a Senior Chief
OrionFour supported the 2007 WGA strike.
Battlestar Galactica
Favorite Episode(s) 33
The Hand of God
Valley of Darkness
Resurrection Ship, Parts I & II
The Captain's Hand
Exodus, Parts I & II
The Passage
and Rapture


Graduated from the University of Texas, Austin in August 2007 with:

  • Bachelor of Science in Astronomy
  • Bachelor of Journalism

Why a name like OrionFour?

The term is something coined by me and a few of my astronomy student friends at college for the four stars that surround Orion's Belt, making up his legs and shoulders. From left-to-right and top-to-bottom these stars are: Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Saiph and Rigel.


  • I have a degree in Journalism and am willing to help anyone with mass amounts of writing and copyediting. Just send me a message and I'll help.
  • I am also quite good with science. If you ever have any science questions related to the series or otherwise, feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to answer.

Current Mission