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About my name
Though not having a relation in any shape or form, Starkiller is also the alternate name of a sockpuppet of Bryan Seecrets, called Starkiller88, registered in September of 2007. As that account, I set myself apart with a body of work including many speedily deleted articles, plagiarized articles, and self-promoting vanity articles hocking a non-existent sci-fi movie and a FPS someone can try at their own risk, ostensibly a prime example of a dramatician. Sadly, upon closer inspection, every one of my edits are about space, video games, trains, vehicles, movies or celebrities, indistinguishable from the interests of the average five year old. In particular, Starkiller88 held a pseudo-sexual fascination with space travel. The fact that I had nothing to contribute on the subject became very clear to my fellow editors, who did their level best to keep me occupied by assigning him to improvement groups about children's books, namely A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. However, due to a combination of autism and a horrible comprehension of the English language, Starkiller88 continued to shit up what was already a festering pile of horse shit to begin with, including the disruptive and tendentious edit-warring on Darker Projects and the Russian Phobos-Grunt space mission, the latter which I encountered my bully and an eventual enemy, BatteryIncluded, whom I threw rubbish about. He is responsible for fabricating my history and lovely suicide threats in which many administrators and arbitrators take notice of and subsequently crafted a widespread conspiracy to kill me. The first parts of a conspiracy involve getting me banned without my name listed on the list of banned users on Wikipedia and receiving a following suicide threat. The final straw is that I started vandalizing BatteryIncluded's page (prior to that I did when I introduced deliberately false information in it), calling him stupid and comparing him to a computer virus, and then pleading with the same user to save my ass. Now I am making good contributions to this wiki since 2006, as I am capable of editing and using a wiki. This brings up the question of "What was the point in getting banned from any websites in order to expose someone?".
Currently working on...

__ Developing Malay version of Battlestar Wiki
__ Cleaning up references to make articles readable.

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__ Actively Working
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