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Name Sean Little
Date of birth
Age January 20, 1987
Age - 34
Location Prince George, Va
Country USA USA
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Callsign Talos
Parents Two
Siblings One brother
Marital Status
Occupation Doctrine Writer/Intern USACASCOM, College Student
15px Star of Kobol
Talos is a Chief
Talos is a Senior Chief
Talos supported the 2007 WGA strike.

Sean Little is a resident of Virginia. He is a military brat and was raised in the Army since his birth. He is a large Sci-Fi fan, particularly with his Quad-Star of Sci-Fi (Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, not in any particular order). He has always been an aviation enthusiust. He enjoys reading, especially technical non-fiction books on his favorite subjects, Sci-Fi, and Military fiction. He also enjoys RPGs, particularly 3rd Edition D&D (although out of practice), D20 Modern, the Star Wars RPG, Stargate SG-1 RPG, and is currently helping work on a BSG d20 RPG on the Wizards D20 Future board. Additionally, his is a rabid flight simulator fan and often kills time by flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: ACOF and both Wings of Vietnam and Wings over Europe.

In school he was a member of his local JROTC battallion, rising to the rank of Cadet Captain and the position of Battallion S-3 (Operations Officer). He is currently attending Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in International Studies/Relations and formally attended Richard Bland College of The College of William & Mary and was also an ROTC cadet, MSL-2, at Virginia State University.

His screenname Talos, comes from Greek mythology. He was the nephew of Daedalus and was a genius who, after inventing the saw, was murdered by his jealous uncle.

Current Projects

  • Viper Catalogue Project.
  • Get good screenshots.