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Recent edits

Hi, Benny. Serenity, a contributor here, reverted your recent edits to Resistance (episode) and Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II. On the first edit, there isn't any further information given in the episode about what specific Cylon models have been seen by Anders and the resistance. Anders's team's apprehension is more from a foreign face in a world where there are very few survivors, so their logical conclusion is to be suspicious of anyone. In the following episode, "The Farm", Anders does say something to Starbuck that suggests that his group has met a Leoben before.

Serenity reverted an edit in "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II" because it was speculative and not supported by the events. Since it's been a long time since this episode, supporting events don't follow with your speculation.

I reverted your edit to "Home, Part II". The series already notes the Cylon's motivations so it needn't be repeated there.

Don't let us dissuade you from more edits...but please read the editing standards to ensure your edit stays in place. Don't add nested questions as you did, which makes the article appear to argue with itself. You can create a new question or modify the existing question for more depth. --Spencerian 14:56, 29 September 2008 (UTC)

More generally, please don't answer questions with outright speculation - or at all in the question section itself for that matter. That's the main reason for the reverts. Only providing links to the episodes seems inefficient to me too sometimes, but it's the format we're stuck with. However, in some cases such things can be added to the analysis section. But then you need to move the whole thing there and reword it, so it reads like just an argument and not a question followed by an answer. I did with the note on Colonial Day, which was a good observation.
As for "Resistance", I agree with Spence there, that there is nothing to support that they merely think Starbuck and Helo are Cylons. There are some other comments to indicate contacts with humanoid Cylons. And a note like "Seriously?" just isn't....well, serious. Or rather encyclopedic. -- Serenity 15:41, 29 September 2008 (UTC)