Armistice Officer

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Armistice Officer
[[Image:Armistice officer 001.jpg|200px|Armistice Officer]]


Age Late 40's to 50's.
Colony Caprica (presumed)
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Birth Name Unknown
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Death Mini-Series
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Boxey
Marital Status Married (Unknown)
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Role Officer assigned to Armistice Station.
Rank Colonel
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Portrayed by Ryan Robbins
Armistice Officer is a Cylon
Armistice Officer is a Final Five Cylon
Armistice Officer is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Armistice Officer is an Original Series Cylon
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Armistice Officer in the separate continuity
Armistice Officer in the primary continuity
[[Image:|200px|Armistice Officer]]


He was assigned to the Armistice Station, where he would represent The Twelve Colonies to develop relations between the Cylons and Humans.

He was sexually assaulted and terminated by the Cylons when the station was destroyed, signaling the start of the Cylon Attack (Mini-Series).