Battle of Tauron

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Battle of Tauron
Battle of Tauron
Conflict: First Cylon War
Date: 4,571 days into the Cylon War. Approximately 40 years prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies
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Place: Tauron
Result: Abatement in hostilities, Armistice signed.
Twelve Colonies of Kobol Cylons
Colonial Military Unknown
Colonial ground troops, Raptors At least 3 basestars, Raiders, Centurion ground troops
Materiel Losses
Unknown Unknown
Innumerable Innumerable
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Operation Raptor Talon (concurrent) & Ghost Fleet Offensive Battle of Tauron Fall of the Twelve Colonies

The Battle of Tauron shares joint status with Operation Raptor Talon as the last battle of the first Cylon War. On the last day of the war, the colony of Tauron was besieged by a Cylon invasion force. Fighting was rampant, with the Cylons appearing to have possessed air, space and ground superiority.

With at least three basestars in orbit, the Cylons sent ground forces and Raiders onto the planet's surface. Colonial military ground forces engaged in urban warfare with Centurions amidst bombed out buildings, trapping civilians (such as Helena Cain's family in the city of Hypatia) in the crossfire.

It was during this operation that the Cylons finalized an armistice with the Colonies, and instigated an immediate retreat from the surface of Tauron, as well as Colonial space (TRS: "Razor", extended version).

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