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Bradley Thompson
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Full Name: Bradley Thompson


Position: Story Editor and Co-Producer

Biographical Notes

Bradley Thompson met co-writer David Weddle in an acting class, where they discovered both attended the USC School of Cinema. Years later, Thompson asked Weddle if he could adapt Weddle's play "Memoirs of an Awkward Lover" into a screenplay. Weddle agreed, but the two ended up collaborating on the project together. Nobody bought the adaptation. It's still for sale.

After Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Executive Producer Ira Steven Behr read Weddle's book about filmmaker Sam Pekinpah, Weddle secured an invitation to pitch for the show and Thompson & Weddle collaborated on pitch ideas for the series.

Their first credited story on the series, was the fourth season episode "Rules of Engagement". The teleplay was written by Ronald D. Moore. Their first credited teleplay for Deep Space Nine was the fifth season episode, "The Assignment."

After their second teleplay for DS9, "Business As Usual," Thompson & Weddle joined the show's writing staff for seasons six and seven, writing two episodes from the final tightly-plotted nine-episode arc of the series.

Writer credits for "Battlestar Galactica"

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