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:''This page covers the resistance movement. For the episode, see [[Resistance]].''
#REDIRECT[[Resistance (movement)]]
An organization on [[The Twelve Colonies (RDM)#Caprica|Caprica]] composed of survivors of the [[Cylon Holocaust]], and working to actively oppose the Cylon forces occupying the planet. [[Kara Thrace|Starbuck]] and [[Karl Agathon|Helo]] encountered it briefly before they managed to escape Caprica. The existence of resistance cells on other Colonies is unknown.  The cell that Helo and Starbuck encountered was led by a man named [[Samuel Anders|Anders]], a former pro [[Pyramid (RDM)|Pyramid]] player and was based out of [[Delphi Union High School]] just outside the city of [[Delphi]]. ([[Resistance]])
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