Caprica Resistance

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This page covers the resistance movement on Caprica. For other meanings of the word "Resistance", see Resistance.

The Caprica Resistance is a loose organization of survivors of the Cylon holocaust on Caprica working to actively oppose the occupying Cylon forces.

Kara Thrace and Karl Agathon encounter the Caprica resistance, who initially believe the two are humanoid Cylons before Thrace and Helo manage to convince them otherwise.

The resistance cell that Helo and Thrace encounter is led by Samuel Anders, a former professional Pyramid player. Anders and several other members of his team, the Caprica Buccaneers, were in the high mountains well outside the city at the time of the Cylon attack. After the initial attack they formed a resistance movement centered around their pyramid team, supplemented by hikers and other survivalists who had remained alive in the mountains when the Cylons hit. They have survived by raiding old military stores for munitions and other supplies, including anti-radiation medication. They conduct guerrilla attacks against the Cylons in an attempt to keep the enemy forces off balance and, hopefully, to force them to leave their colony.

The resistance, numbering 53 people when Thrace arrives at the base, is located at Delphi Union High School just outside the city of Delphi (Resistance).

The resistance leads an assault against a Cylon-operated farm where Kara Thrace and Sue-Shaun are incarcerated. Thrace escapes on her own power, but finds Sue-Shaun already connected to the Cylon devices intended to harvest her ovums or impregnate her. Thrace mercy-kills Sue-Shaun on her request.

As Thrace leaves the building, she encounters a second copy of Simon (she killed the first copy moments before). The resistance team eliminate this copy quickly, but are soon pinned down by Centurion gunfire before renegade Cylon Sharon Valerii obliterates the Cylons from a stolen Heavy Raider and evacuates the humans from the area.

Anders hides Kara Thrace's Arrow of Apollo on the high school grounds and returns it to her before she, Valerii, and Helo escape the planet and return to Laura Roslin and her faction above Kobol (The Farm).

The resistance finds its numbers heavily weakened after a Cylon attack, months after Thrace leaves their party. Fortunately, a massive SAR effort, led by Thrace, returns to find Anders and the remnants of his team. After the group's ambush by Cylon forces (who mysteriously withdraw some time later), Anders' resistance team boards the SAR Raptors and leave Caprica for the Fleet (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II).


  • Despite waging constant attacks against the Cylons for nine months, they seemingly had never before encountered a Cavil model prior to their rescue.