Carla Robinson

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Carla Robinson


Full Name: Carla Robinson


Position: Writer

Biographical Notes

Carla Robinson is a TV writer whose professional credits so far are limited to only writing for BSG.

However, Robinson has had considerable success getting her spec scripts noticed in writing competitions. She won 1st Place in the Action-Drama category at the 4th Spec Scriptacular Competition in December 2003 [1] with her spec script for Law & Order entitled “The Good Wife,” according to the competition's webpage at In the same competition, Robinson’s The West Wing spec script, “Bravado,” was also a finalist. (According to IMDB, [2] [3] it does not appear that either script was ever produced.) The competition is run under the auspices of the Cloud Creek Institute for the Arts, a creative community in St. Joe, Arkansas, started by veteran television writer Larry Brody in 2002. [4]

The following year, Robinson placed as a finalist - twice - in the Scriptwriters Network's Carl Sautter Memorial Scriptwriting Competition in the category for one-hour TV shows with a spec script for The West Wing entitled "Undercurrents" and another script for Six Feet Under called "For the Living." [5]

Carla Robinson left the series by the end of season 2, and will not be with the series in season 3.

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