Cole Taylor

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Cole Taylor
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Age Unknown
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Birth Name Cole Taylor
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Callsign Stinger
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Role Former CAG, Battlestar Pegasus
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Portrayed by John Pyper-Ferguson
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[[Image:|200px|Cole Taylor]]

Captain Cole "Stinger" Taylor is the CAG of the battlestar Pegasus ("Pegasus"). Like many officers from Pegasus, Taylor is a humorless officer that seems to regard Galactica's officers as if tainted in some way. He may feel that Commander Adama's son, Lee, has been given his CAG responsibilities through his father's influence.

When Lee was transferred to Pegasus on Admiral Helena Cain's orders, Taylor busted Lee Adama's role to a mere Raptor pilot to accompany him on a recon mission to the Resurrection Ship. While on the mission tensions broke out between Galactica and Pegasus and under Cain's orders Taylor relieved Lee at gunpoint. Lee was allowed to go to the back of the Raptor where he contacted Kara Thrace, who was secretly aboard the Blackbird stealth craft taking pictures of Resurrection Ship. When tensions between the two battlestars temporarily cooled, Cain saw Trace's pictures. Inpressed she gave Trace Taylor's job as Pegasus CAG. ([[Resurrection Ship, Part I ]])

File:Pegasus-Apollo Stinger.jpg
Taylor and Adama on Galactica's flight deck in Pegasus.