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The Commander, Air Group (more commonly known as the CAG) is the senior pilot aboard a battlestar and is responsible for all flight operations by its Air Wing. The rank normally held by the CAG is captain or major.

Commander, Air Group battlestar Galactica

For a complete list of all Galactica CAGs, see: Senior Staff of Galactica

Commander, Air Group battlestar Pegasus

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  • "CAG" is a US Navy term that has gained widespread recognition through films such as Top Gun and television series such as JAG. While the term CAG is technically obsolete as Air Groups are now known as Air Wings, and the position has thus been renamed to "Commander, Air Wing" (CAW) it is nevertheless still used, especially on an informal level. The term "Air Wing" is also used on Battlestar Galactica (Pegasus).
  • The CAG's rank and place in the ship's hierarchy is one area where Battlestar Galactica diverges from the US Navy. In the real world, the CAG is a captain (O-6) of equal seniority to the ship's captain (or skipper), with both under the command of an admiral who commands the Carrier Strike Group. Battlestar Galactica places the CAG under the ship's commander, and at major or even captain he or she holds a relatively low rank.