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"If the crew doesn't hate the XO, then he's not doing his job." --Saul Tigh

The executive officer (more commonly known as the XO) is the second in command aboard a Colonial Fleet vessel and is responsible for administrative duties and the detailed management of affairs, giving the commanding officer time to deal with broader issues.

The rank normally held by the executive officer is major or colonel.

Executive Officer, battlestar Galactica

For a complete history of Galactica's XOs see: Senior Staff of Galactica

Executive Officer, battlestar Pegasus


  • Executive Officer, in the military context, is used in several branches of armed forces worldwide (army, naval, marine, air force). Certain forces, such as the British Army use the formal title "Second-in-Command" (2i/c) rather than XO.

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    • While Lee Adama is assigned to Pegasus in "The Captain's Hand", it is doubtful that he was the official XO at that time. According to dialogue he is only sent over to keep an eye on Garner and assess the situation but Garner doesn't even consider him part of the crew. Moreover, according to a deleted scene, his father sends him there over concerns about Garner and the performance of the crew, while being undecided on whether to make him the ship's XO or not.
    • A deleted scene from "Black Market" shows Captain Renner as Fisk's XO. However, he doesn't appear in the aired episode and is never mentioned again in the series. This makes his canonical status questionable.