Noel Allison

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Noel Allison
[[Image:Bscap008.jpg|200px|Noel Allison]]


Colony Unknown
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Birth Name Richard Bayer
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Callsign Buster
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Marital Status Single
Family Tree View
Role Viper Pilot, Battlestar Pegasus
Rank Lieutenant (presumed)
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Portrayed by Kavan Smith
Noel Allison is a Cylon
Noel Allison is a Final Five Cylon
Noel Allison is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Noel Allison is an Original Series Cylon
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Noel Allison in the separate continuity
Noel Allison in the primary continuity
[[Image:|200px|Noel Allison]]

Richard "Buster" Bayer is part of the group of Pegasus alert vipers that are launched in response to Galactica launching her own Vipers. He appears to lead the force, which means he was most likely serving as a temporary CAG while Cole "Stinger" Taylor was on his Raptor mission.

During the Viper engagement, he tangled with Galactica pilot "Kat", though neither fired a shot. (Resurrection Ship, Part I)