Olympic Carrier

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File:Olympic carrier 001.jpg
The Olympic Carrier flanked by Vipers following its dubious return.
(Credit: Sky One)

The Olympic Carrier was a FTL-capable passenger liner that joined up with the fleet. It contained 1,345 persons, including a Doctor Amorak who wanted to meet President Laura Roslin to discuss "a traitor in their midst". The ship was apparently disabled by Cylon agents prior to jump 238, returning some 3 hours after that jump, claiming that someone was looking after them (for the Cylons did not, allegedly, intercept them) and used the time to fix their malfunctioning FTL drive.

Disturbingly enough, the ship was loaded with nuclear devices meant to destroy the fleet. Captain Lee Adama destroyed the vessel before the weapons could inflict their damage; it is unknown whether the Cylons offloaded those aboard the liner or left them aboard (and out of sight) to die. (33)