Peter Laird

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Peter Laird
Peter Laird


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Introduced Pegasus (episode)
Children Unknown (implied)
Marital Status Widower (probable)
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Role Deck Chief, battlestar Pegasus
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Portrayed by Vincent Gale
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Peter Laird is a civilian aeronautical engineer. When the Cylon Attack began, he was aboard the Scylla, a civilian ship, when its passengers were "picked up" by the battlestar Pegasus. He became the ship's Flight-Deck Chief despite not being part of the Colonial military. When he comes aboard Galactica, he meets his counterpart, Chief Tyrol. Upon looking on the Blackbird, Tyrol's new stealth fighter, he is both appalled and impressed, especially because he designed the old DDG-62 engines used in the Blackbird (Pegasus).

Laird is assigned to Galactica during Admiral Cain's fleet integration and according to the the Extended "Pegasus" Version replaces Chief Tyrol as deck chief even before he is charged with Lt. Thorne's murder. Also shown in the extended episode, he makes a suggestion to Galactica's deck crew ,that increases fuel efficiency by two percent.

While drinking with Col. Tigh, Pegasus's XO Jack Fisk reveals that the Scylla was part of a civilian fleet that Pegasus encountered a few weeks after escaping the Cylon attack. Admiral Cain, with military priority on the mind, ordered that civilian ships be scavenged for anything that would be of aid to Pegasus militarily. Supplies, weapons and even people with potentially useful skills were taken.

Laird, whose background in aeronautics served Cain's plan well, was selected by Cain to be drafted into her crew along with 14 other people on board. However, all 15 of them were traveling with their families, and resisted Cain's attempt to draft them. In response, Cain had two of the families executed to cow the civilians, and Laird was taken aboard Pegasus. It is unclear if Laird's family was one of the two that Cain had executed, but if not, she still marooned them aboard the Scylla without an FTL drive (which left them at the mercy of the Cylons or the desert of space), making her ultimately responsible for their likely deaths.

Laird is having difficulty in managing the hangar deck as Tyrol's substitute and lacks military decorum, but assures Commander Adama that all ships will be ready for "the attack thing" (Resurrection Ship, Part I).

After Admiral Cain's death her crew transfers are reverted and Tyrol is re-installed as Galactica's deck chief. Laird likely returns to his previous post as the Pegasus deck chief (Resurrection Ship, Part II).


  • Ron D. Moore said in his podcast that he was tempted to give Laird a Scottish accent as a tribute to James Doohan (Star Trek's Montgomery Scott) at his recent death at the time of the episode's filming, but reluctantly decided against it.

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