Quorum of Twelve (TRS)

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The Quorum of Twelve are a body similar to the U.S. Congress.

Each of the Twelve Colonies has one representative, which votes on and brings issues to be discussed.

After the loss of the Quorum, President Laura Roslin reestablished a new Quorum on Colonial Day. Its representatives include:

One of the primary issues of the new Quorum was the election of a Vice President; in a time when no Vice President is available during a presidential term, the Quorum gets to cast the votes towards a Vice President. Should there be a tie, the President is the one who casts the tie-breaking vote. (Colonial Day)

The Fleet's Quorum of Twelve assembles onboard the Cloud Nine. (Colonial Day)


It is conceivable that the Quorum was instituted by the Articles of Colonization; 52 years prior to the final Cylon Attack.