Scorpion Fleet Shipyards

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The shipyards over Scorpia.

The Scorpion Fleet Shipyard(s)[1] were a Fleet dockyard located in orbit around Scorpia.

At the time of the Cylon attack, Pegasus, at least three more battlestars, and three other Colonial Fleet ships are docked there. A Cylon nuclear attack destroys the yards and all ships but Pegasus, which escapes via a blind jump (Razor).

Docked vessels

  • At least one battlestar of Galactica's type [2]. Two others are of the same or a similar design as Valkyrie.
  • The lower left arm of the superstructure seems to berth another vessel, but it can't be seen clearly.
  • A peculiar ship is docked near Pegasus. The ship may be an escort vessel for battlestar groups, almost certainly one of the other ships mentioned by Admiral Cain as destroyed in the shipyard attack (Pegasus).


  • Although the planet is called Scorpia ("Colonial Day", "Razor"), the location subtitles in "Razor" identify the shipyard's name as "Scorpion Fleet Shipyards". It is possible that the installation is named with an adjectival form of the colony's ancient name, "Scorpio".
  • This image of the shipyards and of the planet Scorpia in the background is the first time that viewers have seen any other Colonial planet aside from Caprica (Miniseries). Tauron is later shown in the extended DVD cut of "Razor".

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  1. Both "shipyards" and "shipyard" are used in dialogue.
  2. Only one can be seen in the establishing shot of the shipyard, being enclosed by the superstructure on two sides. However, during the battle, a Galactica-type battlestar is shown in a different place. This could mean that the visual effects of the establishing shot and the battle don't fit together. It is unknown if the two are meant to be the same battlestar.