Shelly Godfrey

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This page is about Shelly Godfrey, the copy of Cylon Model Number Six who tries to expose Baltar as a traitor. See the Caprica-Six and Gina articles for information about them. For other copies, see the Number Six article.
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Shelly Godfrey
Shelly Godfrey

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"Shelly Godfrey" is the pseudonym adopted by an incarnation of Number Six that arrives on board battlestar Galactica with a mission to apparently expose Gaius Baltar as a traitor (Six Degrees of Separation).

Her real aim, however, is to further push Baltar to a point where his only hope of salvation appears to be his complete acceptance of the Cylon concept of "God". Indeed, once he has reached this point, she rapidly goes into hiding (possibly unwittingly helped by Sharon Valerii on the Galactica?) and later probably removes herself from the ship - or destroys herself.

During her time on the Galactica, "Godfrey" very much reveals her underlying nature is very similar to that of her "sisters" as she attempts to seduce William Adama. She also claimed to have had an affair with Dr. Amorak.

Her appearance on the Galactica seems to give the clearest indication of all that Baltar's Six is an independent intelligence implanted in his head - and that, for all its statements to the contrary - it is somehow in contact with other Cylon agents within the fleet (or at least in communication with any of its "sisters" which may be in the fleet). The appearance of "Shelly Godfrey" and the "disappearance" of Six from Baltar's mind is otherwise too coincidental to be believable.

A file photo of Godfrey exists in President Roslin's office aboard Colonial One as part of a dossier of identified Cylon agents. When, where, and how this photo was acquired is not known ("Epiphanies").


  • Some fans have speculated that Ms. Godfrey was a physical manifestation of Baltar's Internal Six, given her mysterious disappearance and her apparent goal of covertly helping Baltar, whom the other Cylons have not shown an interest in beyond his help in setting up the sneak attack (e.g. Centurions attacking his party in "Fragged," Ms. Biers' lack of any special interest in him beyond that which she had in any other Galactica resident in "Final Cut," etc.) It is unclear whether this will ever be resolved.
  • The last name Godfrey is a derivative from Old French which in turn derives from the Old High German male proper name Godafrid meaning "the peace of God".