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The name Gemenon is spelled at least three different ways on this Wiki -- this page is entitled Gemenon, but it includes the word Geminon, and the Gemenon Traveller page spells it Geminon in the page itself. Some pages refer to that ship as Gememon Traveller, which is clearly wrong. And for a third data point, calls the planet "Gemon," which is again clearly wrong. Anyway, if the spelling could be standardized based on some official source that would be great.


The Quorom rep's placard in Colonial Day spells it Gemenon, so that must be right. Will correct other spellings as I see them.

The Tighs

Moved here from the article:

Is there any basis for this speculation? --April Arcus 19:27, 11 Aug 2005 (EDT)

This website has Tigh's biography, as well as his alleged birth place:
This link at the very least implies that the couple resided on Gemenon:
Okay, but "Gemenon" is never actually mentioned in the episode - she just says she was on her way "home". I'm disinclined to consider it a reliable source, unless he has access to the series bible or something. --April Arcus 20:43, 11 Aug 2005 (EDT)