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{{Book Data|
{{separate continuity|tos=y}}
  Image = [[image:Bg06.jpg]]
{{Book Data
| Title= The Living Legend
| image = Bg06.jpg
| Series= Berkley Books
| title= The Living Legend
| Bookno= 6
| series= Berkley Books
| Episode= [[The Living Legend, Part I]] <br> [[The Living Legend, Part II]]
| bookno= 6
| Author= [[Wikipedia:Simon Hawke|Nicholas Yermakov]]
| episode= [[The Living Legend, Part I]] <br> [[The Living Legend, Part II]]
| Published= April 1982
| author= [[Wikipedia:Simon Hawke|Nicholas Yermakov]]
| ISBN= 0425052494
| published= April 1982
| Prev= [[Galactica Discovers Earth (Book)|Galactica Discovers Earth]]
| isbn= 0425052494
| Next= [[War of the Gods (Book)|War of the Gods]]
| prev= [[Galactica Discovers Earth (Book)|Galactica Discovers Earth]]
| next= [[War of the Gods (Book)|War of the Gods]]
{{separate continuity|tos=y}}
==Commander Troy==
==Commander Troy==

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The Living Legend
The Living Legend
A book of the Berkley Books line
Book No. 6
Author(s) Nicholas Yermakov
Adaptation of The Living Legend, Part I
The Living Legend, Part II
No. of Pages {{{pages}}}
Published April 1982
ISBN 0425052494
Previous Next
Galactica Discovers Earth The Living Legend War of the Gods
Paperback Version
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Commander Troy

In the Battlestar Galactica novelization of The Living Legend, Part I and The Living Legend, Part II, the introductory segment is written from the point of view of Troy, now a Commander, who was thrust into this role after the death of Adama.