Tigh (TOS)

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Tigh (TOS)
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Colonel Tigh is the executive officer (XO) of the Battlestar Galactica and is a close personal friend of Commander Adama.


In his younger days, Tigh flew a Viper with Adama (Saga of a Star World).

After the Cylon Attack

Despite his reputation for being strict regarding regulations and discipline, Tigh reveals a lighter side when he covers for Greenbean in front of Council Security. After security leaves, Tigh light-heartedly reprimands Greenbean, before ordering that Apollo's bachelor party be in full swing when he and Starbuck return from their patrol. Colonel Tigh is more of a sceptic than Adama, and is quite concerned when Adama orders the Fleet to head into the magnetic void (Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I).

When Cylon Raiders attack while Adama is on Kobol, Colonel Tigh commands Galactica in his absence. Tigh is surprised when the previously ill pilots report for duty during the battle. He points out that they are barely able to stand, to which Boomer replies that it is fortunate that the Viper is flown in the seated position )Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II).

When Adama is reluctant to send out a patrol to search for the lost Apollo, Tigh is able to convince him otherwise. Boomer and Starbuck are already waiting in the launch tubes, and successfully find Apollo and guide him back to Galactica without attracting the attention of the Cylons (The Lost Warrior).

Adama volunteers Colonel Tigh to help him cover Athena's shift in Core Command so that she can go on a date aboard the Rising Star (The Long Patrol).

On Colonel Tigh's suggestion, Adama orders the Fleet to maximum speed (rather than moving at the speed of the slowest ship) as they neared the Ravishol pulsar. They hoped to make the ships of the fleet more difficult targets by increasing the spacing between the ships, and reduce the collateral damage inflicted should one of the ships take a hit from the pulsar. Fortunately the pulsar is destroyed before the Fleet gets into range (The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part II).

After Cylon Raiders destroy two of the three Agro Ships, Colonel Tigh personally inspects the only one that survives. He learns that the fleet's entire crop supply has been destroyed in the attack and that the fleet's supply of seed has been exhausted and must be somehow replenished. This prompts Adama's mission to Sectar to trade an energizer for the needed seed (The Magnificent Warriors).

Picking up a great deal of civilian Cylon radio traffic, Tigh reports that a large concentration of Cylons are nearby. Adama orders the Fleet to a halt, awaiting word from the recon patrol. Before the patrol can return, Colonel Tigh reports a large contact approaching. It appears to be a battlestar, and a communication comes in on Fleet Com-Line Alpha (which is only used between Colonial war ships). Adama believes the message to be a hoax, as they are the last remaining Colonial war ship. Adama is delighted to learn that the message is from Commander Cain, and the sensor contact is Pegasus.

The honeymoon does not last long, however. Adama is forced to relieve Cain of command of Pegasus when he refuses to redistribute fuel from his ship to the other ships in the Fleet. Adama appoints Tigh to take command of Pegasus. Tigh takes his place on the bridge of Pegasus, and insists on beginning the fuel transfer over Tolan's objections. Before any transfer can take place, though, Cylon Raiders attack. Cain has his command returned to him, and the crew of Pegasus cheers when they hear the news. Tolan asks Tigh not to take the cheers personally. Tigh understands and asks, "How can you fight a living legend?" Colonel Tigh resumes his role as executive officer aboard Galactica (The Living Legend, Part I).

Twice we see Colonel Tigh take command: when Cain was relieved of his command by Adama, Tigh assumed control of the Pegasus, and Tigh assumed command of the Fleet when Adama was incapacitated during the Cylon suicide attack in Fire in Space.


  • Colonel Tigh's counterpart in the new series is Saul Tigh.
  • Tigh does not appear in the sequel series Galactica 1980 and is not referenced.
  • Tigh and Adama's early relationship is expanded on in the Battletstar Galactica comic, and in the recent video game.