Unnamed Colonial vessels

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This article lists seen, but unnamed battlestars in the Reimagined Series.

Galactica type battlestars

During the first Cylon War, Columbia, Galactica and one other unnamed battlestar of their class conducted Operation Raptor Talon against the Cylons (Razor Flashbacks).

This battlestar class was still in service over 40 years later. One such battlestar is destroyed near Caprica in the renewed Cylon attack. It is broken in two parts in the middle and seen by Karl Agathon and Sharon Valerii when their Raptor cruises towards Caprica (Miniseries).

At the same time at least one is docked at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards and destroyed by Cylon missiles (Razor) [1].

Valkyrie type battlestars

Valkyrie type battlestar destroyed in its berth (Razor).

Two battlestars of Valkyrie's design are also docked at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards and destroyed by the Cylons (Razor). Although, it is theoretically possible that one of these battlestars is Valkyrie herself.

Escort battlestar

A type of escort (top) docked next to Pegasus (bottom) at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards.

Another ship class, believed to be a type of escort vessel[2], is docked next to Pegasus during the Fall of the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards (Razor). However, it is unknown if this class is designated as a battlestar by the Colonial Fleet.


  1. Only one can be seen in the establishing shot of the shipyard, being enclosed by the superstructure on two sides. However, during the battle, a Galactica-type battlestar is shown in a different place. This could mean that the visual effects of the establishing shot and the battle don't fit together. It is unknown if the two are meant to be the same battlestar.
  2. Based on an original design by Eric Chu, the version seen in "Razor" was created by Charles Oines of Irrational Designs. While not canonical, Oines's artwork designates the vessel as a "Berzerk-class". His web site has full renderings of the ship.