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Age Not that old
Colony Tulane University
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CylonCAG is a Cylon
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Biography (Or things you don't care about but will learn about CylonCAG)

CylonCAG has never seen the Original Series, but instently loved the reimagining. In addition to BSG, he watches (or has watched before those idiots at the network canceled) all the Star Trek series (With DS9 his favorite), Firefly, The West Wing, Black Adder, and the US version of the Office.

And CylonCAG is neither a Cylon nor a CAG. He just likes the name.

CylonCAG's top five favorite episodes

5.Sometimes a Great Notion
4.Blood on the Scales
2.Crossroads, Part II
1.Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

CylonCAG's least favorite episodes

There is only one episode I really don't like: The Woman King. Seriously, I even tolerate Black Market. I even like Helo! But I just despise that episode.