Viper Mark III

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Viper Mk. III
Viper Mk. III
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
Crew: 1 pilot
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Role: Space superiority fighter
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Fate: Decommissioned and presumed destroyed with most other colonial technology
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Additional Information
Viper Mk. III in the separate continuity
Viper Mk. III in the primary continuity

The Viper Mark III is a fighter craft used by the Colonial Fleet in the latter part of the Cylon War. It is the successor of the Viper Mark II and the precursor to those craft used by the Fleet following the war, including the Viper Mark VII.

During the tenth year of the Cylon War, the Mark III is relatively new, but Colonial vessels including the battlestar Galactica and Osiris carry full complements.

Colonial Academy recruits practice combat skills in holoband simulations of the Viper Mark III (Blood and Chrome).


The Viper Mark III features:

    • an angular forward fuselage cross section
    • a revised cockpit canopy featuring rounder edges
    • more angular side intakes with intake ramps
    • narrower thrust nozzles
    • deletion of structures housing the rear undercarriage and reduction of the ventral fairing; all three landing struts retract directly into the main fuselage
    • what may be two internal missile launchers on the underside
    • wing flaps for maneuverability in atmosphere


  • The Viper Mark III's control stick appears to be a Logitech Wingman.