Virtual world

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Virtual world (or V-world) is a term used to describe the realm used by holoband users prior to the First Cylon War.

The virtual world is a conduit whereby users obtain information and participate on various activities outside the realm of reality. Such activities include the ability to conduct virtual meetings in what are ostensively "chat rooms" and accessing information in a way that computers or e-sheets cannot provide.

Gaming and other social activities also occur on the virtual world, from the child-friendly to more adult-specific venues, including violent games and pornography (CAP: Pilot, "Gravedancing").

More advanced users have been able to "hack the code" of the virtual world, allowing for the creation of underground clubs (where all various desires can be satisfied) only accessible through password-protected, privatized networks. Prior to her death Zoe Graystone was able to create a sentient, self-aware artificial intelligence based on records kept on her, memories, and her physical appearance (CAP: Pilot).

New Cap City is another hacked area of the virtual world, in the form of a role-playing game (CAP: "There Is Another Sky").